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Real estate investing and development represent areas of particular expertise for Rebound Enterprises. Over the past two decades we have developed and managed a portfolio of properties that have not only delivered a financial return to our investors, but which have also created jobs and provided a positive economic impact in the surrounding communities.

Land and buildings are static entities that only have potential when they are effectively managed. We identify ways to leverage an existing asset, whether that be through new development or enhancements of existing properties, to build attractive facilities that can generate positive cash flow.

A critical part of our role is to remain cognizant of the needs and expectations of the greater community. Community members often feel ownership over properties in their communities, even if they have no direct ownership stake in them. We work closely with civic and government leaders to ensure that our real estate efforts work in conjunction with local goals and expectations. This is one way in which we demonstrate our commitment to being a good corporate citizen and enhancing the quality of life in the communities in which we live and serve. We have learned through the years that good corporate citizenship is consistent with wise and prudent real estate investing.

Ultimately, our real estate investments are successful if we are able to add value to our partners, achieve a real financial return and create a positive economic impact in the local community. If you have an opportunity that can achieve these successes, we’d love to talk.

Our Real Estate Ventures:

Northfield Real Estate Fund

The Northfield Real Estate Fund seeks to provide meaningful returns to investors while adding significant value to the community of Northfield, Minnesota, by acquiring and developing strategic commercial, residential and mixed-use properties.