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There is something special about creating a tangible product, whether it is manufacturing the most cost-effective, robust spiral freezer in the world or building a machine to handle highly sensitive thin-film technology. At Rebound Enterprises, we enjoy the process of making something tangible. However, we also understand the importance of the intangibles, from the development of quality systems, management teams and utilization of capital to the building and nurturing of trusted relationships with our customers.

Building value in any manufacturing effort requires attention to detail, in the design and development process, on the plant floor and in the management of capital, people and systems. We are committed to providing analytical tools and management support along with a capital investment. Our experience in a broad array of businesses provides us the opportunity to add insight at every stage of the manufacturing process.

We help companies identify their greatest opportunities. In some cases, it means addressing obvious challenges, such as insufficient capital or management needs. In other cases, we assist with scenarios that require more in-depth analysis or intervention, such as turnaround situations. In still other instances, it means leveraging our extensive manufacturing experience in Asia. While every operation is unique, we have found that our past experience allows us to quickly identify opportunities to create efficiencies and enhancements for our customers while still achieving profitability for our partners.

Ultimately, we want to partner with firms who seek to build something lasting and of measurable quality, and who are prepared to implement the systems and processes necessary to do so profitably all the while meeting or surpassing customer expectations.

Our Manufacturing Companies:

Northfield Automation Systems
is the global leader in developing process solutions for custom manufacturing needs. With over 30 years of experience in roll-to-roll thin material handling, Northfield Automation Systems provides solutions to high-precision processing for a wide range of thin-material applications, including flexible electronics, solar, display, flexible battery and organic electronics.