Rebound Financial Services

Riverwalk CommonsInvesting in Capital Markets

The capital markets are the lifeblood of the economy, providing necessary financial resources to individuals and businesses to keep the economy driving forward. Coming on the heels of the most volatile economy in recent memory, the capital markets in general and banking in particular are facing a dramatically altered landscape in which to do business.

Rebound and its principals have made significant investments and provided value-added services in the banking and financial services industries. The firm continues to seek opportunities to grow both within its current bank portfolio and in considering new bank investments. We understand the marketplace of banking, the value of customers, the service required, the interworking of loans and the importance of technology.

Rebound also has a financial services division to provide capital in the form of equity and/or subordinated debt for a variety of business purposes. We seek opportunities to support business growth, ownership and financing for investment, recapitalization or acquisition. As part of our investment consideration, we assess the quality of the management, the marketplace, and internal processes and procedures. Because we are owners of successful businesses, we think like owners, even when we are making a minority investment.

Rebound takes a long-term view with the capital it provides. Often this capital also includes value-added services, such as board, advisory, management and/or consulting roles. We also offer, as a part of our investment, support services such as leadership, mentoring, strategic planning, CFO functions and human resource roles.

Just as we are seeking long-term partners with whom to invest, we are also seeking long-term partners to invest alongside us. We would welcome a discussion about the opportunities we can provide.