Craig I. Ibsen

Craig IbsenCraig Ibsen brings to Rebound Enterprises more than 20 years of leadership experience in general management, business development, and marketing in the U.S. market and internationally. He is known as a seasoned corporate executive, investor and entrepreneur, with an in-depth understanding of global markets.

Mr. Ibsen joined Rebound from Pricer AB, publicly traded in Sweden, where he served as President of North American Operations. Pricer provides complete and integrated IT solutions consisting of electronic displays with the related wireless communication infrastructure and software, designed to significantly increase customer benefit and optimize efficiency and profitability in the retail industry.

Previously, Mr. Ibsen served as an officer of the Maytag Corporation in the position of Vice President and General Manager, Specialty Group. In this capacity he led the operations of the Amana Commercial Division as well as the Jade Products Company. His responsibilities were to grow and restructure both of Maytag’s commercial cooking businesses and to use Jade to position Maytag in the super premium kitchen appliance segment via the launch of a new appliance brand and product line, Jade. Mr. Ibsen ultimately led the sale process for both of these businesses to strategic buyers.

Mr. Ibsen founded Appliancezone Inc, a global supply chain service for the Home Appliance and Consumer Electronics Industries based in London. As CEO, Mr. Ibsen raised two rounds of venture capital from NeSBIC CTe Fund, the leading Dutch independent technology venture fund, and Accenture Technology Ventures. Earlier in his career, he worked and led businesses for Maytag and Electrolux in China and India where he developed distribution strategies that these firms utilize today.

Mr. Ibsen is also the owner of Easiwash, a leading manufacturer of centrally installed pressure washers, serving the quick service restaurant industry. He also is a limited partner in two private equity partnerships.

Mr. Ibsen serves as Principal of Rebound Enterprises, and also serves on the boards of The Governance Fund and Global ID.

Mr. Ibsen is a Des Moines, Iowa, native and is married with two school-age children. He holds a B.A. from Luther College and an M.B.A. from Drake University.

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