Investment Criteria

River BridgeRebound Enterprises incorporates a rigorous process of assessing and analyzing investment opportunities. We encourage those interested in pursuing a collaboration with us to understand the criteria outlined below before submitting a business proposal to Rebound. To submit a proposal, please e-mail us at


We typically focus on businesses headquartered in the Upper Midwest (roughly a 250 mile driving radius from Minneapolis). While we do not exclude businesses outside the region, the hurdles for our participation are significantly higher.


We place great emphasis on the management team. The corporate leadership must show a strength of character and management skills, while demonstrating a track record of experience and success. Your management team must also be conducive with the Rebound philosophy and approach to doing business.


The market for your products and/or services must demonstrate dynamic growth potential and staying power over the long term.


Your company must have a strong and defensible competitive position. We’re looking for companies that offer something different from what is otherwise available in the marketplace.


We have a preference for turnaround situations in a wide array of industries. Additionally, because of our current portfolio of businesses, we have a significant bias toward manufacturing, financial services (banking), real estate and hospitality. This does not mean we won’t consider other sectors. The fact of the matter is that we are open to all sectors that are compatible with our corporate philosophy and meet the other investment criteria outlined here.


We are looking for healthy, but realistic, financial projections. We will need to see source and use data as well as accurate historical financials. We will also want to see your pro forma estimates relative to income statements, cash flow projections and balance sheets.


We need you to understand and present a reasonable valuation of your company. We are likely willing to consider a potential equity stake of approximately 25 percent to 100 percent of the company. We seek opportunities where we have a large enough stake for it to be worth our time.


We need to understand the potential exit routes readily identifiable at the time of investment.