About Us

Cows, Colleges and Contentment -- Northfield, Minn.Investing in Potential

At Rebound Enterprises, we invest in potential. With decades of experience in developing and managing companies in an array of industries, we understand what it takes to create, develop and build successful businesses and organizations. We focus our efforts primarily on the Upper Midwest, but we are equally well-positioned to capitalize on strategic opportunities throughout North America.

We seek opportunities where all players involved experience a win-win scenario. Whether they be customers or clients, investors, employees, strategic advisors, or civic leaders and community members, we are committed to developing winning strategies and relationships that allow everyone to proclaim success.

As a diversified investment, management and holding company with a strategic focus on manufacturing, real estate, hospitality and financial services, Rebound Enterprises seeks to acquire and support companies where there is a synergy of philosophy and operations consistent with Rebound’s existing businesses and clients. We are very open and straightforward in our approach to working with customers, strategic partners and investors, and clients. At Rebound, we seek to exceed expectations and treat others in the way we would like to be treated. Fairness, honesty, transparency and forthrightness are at the core of who we are, and what we represent and do. We are an enterprise that lives out its values and principles each and every day through thoughtful decision-making and impactful actions. We’re ready to invest in you and, hopefully, you in us.