Harbor View Café Chef Tom Skold Relocates to Decorah

Hotel Winneshiek Primed for Midwest Destination Restaurant

Tom Skold will be calling Decorah home after 18 years as chef at the critically acclaimed Harbor View Café in Pepin, Wisconsin. The city of Decorah, which touts in their slogan “the good life,” is without a doubt prepping some “great food” in the near future, placing Hotel Winneshiek’s Albert’s Restaurant and Pub on the map.

Decorah was recently noted in Midwest Living Magazine as “One of the Midwest’s Top 100 Small Town Getaways.” “The town is quickly becoming visible to a sophisticated audience in regards to food and travel,” said Chuck Paton, President of Rebound Hospitality, which manages Hotel Winneshiek. Paton welcomes Skold to the chef position and notes his thoughtfulness in food preparation and high interest in hospitality as fitting for the renowned Midwest hotel and company’s overall mission. Skold’s reputation offers an unsurpassable experience when it comes to exquisite taste and fine dining.

In reference to the strategic career move, the chef — who brings 25 plus years of cooking experience to the table — said sourcing local producers will definitely be a part of the culinary plan. “We are hoping to have guests choose us as a destination; we want our menu to be in the spirit of that, so people feel like they’ve arrived somewhere,” said Skold. “We believe in supporting and sustaining small producers and view them as partners.”

For the customer-centric chef, it’s not just an industry … it’s a ministry. “Everyone here at Hotel Winneshiek really extends themselves to their guests. I think when people make a decision to go some place, they are looking for that sense of belonging.”

Skold will continue his outreach teaching cooking classes at a variety of venues, bridging the gap not only through geographic locations like the Twin Cities and extended southern Minnesota regions, but also in the public sector where he often works with unprivileged and underserved people.

Paton adds, “I think the expression of how Tom feels about his work goes beyond the customer at the table — to people who can benefit vocationally and avocationally in both understanding and developing their passion for food.”

Hotel Winneshiek is located in Decorah, Iowa. The 107 year old hotel offers guest rooms & suites with full amenities, Albert’s Restaurant, the Tap Room, Steyer Opera House and conference center and recreation access nestled in the scenic river valley of Northeast Iowa.

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